Group Connections

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Group Connections offer opportunities for parents and children to come together to participate in a variety of hands-on learning activities and connect with other families, or for parents come to receive information from speakers on a variety of topics, depending on the format.  Group connections are offered at least once a throughout the school year. 

Group connections are geared toward parent-child interaction, so that parents can learn by observing their own and other children. During group connections you can expect to gather in a large group for an opening book or activity, and information from the parent educators leading the event related to the topic.  The majority of the event will be spent in hands-on learning activities with your child.  There will be several different stations set up and you may choose to do all or some of the activities, based on your child's development and interest.  Closing will generally be another book or large group activity.  Periodically we have speakers come to present to parents on topics of interest.  We ask families that attend to fill out a feedback form about the experience to help us plan for future events, and you will go home with a book.

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